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"Spiritual Life Coaching"

"A Gift for A Gift"


"Toi is a natural born leader and also has great wisdom in being able to follow. Toi is a person of strong character and she is a people person. She not only has the ability but the heart to get a job done and done right. As Christian Education Director of Spirit Life World Outreach Cathedral I admired Toi's excellence and faithfulness in the role as Assistant Sunday School Director. I highly recommend Ms. Allen for any position she has a desire to pursue. "

Rev. Michelle D. Tennyson

"High Aspirations Certificate of Appreciation"

Thanks for your outstanding parental support

Henry Wash,Founder/Director

"Toi Allen was a valued employee of our firm. I am confident she would provide solid results in her endeavors with your company."

James B. Nutter and Company Mortgage and Loan

Len Kuklenski


"I do wish you well and we appreciated the service you provided our company during your employment. We all remember you fondly."

With Best Wishes, I am


James B. Nutter


"Coach Toi Thanks for your time and support. I love you."


"It was great being on the team. I loved it. You're a great coach."


“We love you so much and respect you! p.s. we loved the lock-in"


Sammy Jo

Prayer changes things.......Testimonials from Game Day/Test Day Participants ...My Spiritual Children....

"Glory goes to Jesus Christ Moms he gave me those words I'm just thankful and feel so honored that he chose me to use...I remember when I didnt know if I was going to heaven or hell but I know that I know that I know Me Leslie Jackson is going to Heaven...."

Listen to the songs Leslie has been blessed to share with us on the Game Day/Test Day Testimonial Page ....Leslie Jackson AKA Yunng Royalty press