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"Spiritual Life Coaching"

"A Gift for A Gift"


The level of accomplishment each one has achieved is phenominal... Toi Allen Operations is obedient to The Sovereign God. She and her staff listen to the direction of the HOLY SPIRIT and will guide you based upon this direction....The Sovereign God never leaves or forsakes us.... Take a look at some of the places God has lead those who are connected to Toi Allen Operations.

Leslie Jackson

“Glory goes to Jesus Christ Moms...He gave me those words...I'm just thankful and feel so honoured that he chose me to use....I remember when I did'nt know if I was going to heaven or hell...but I know that I know.. that I know...that I LESLIE JACKSON is going to HEAVEN...."

Listen to some of the words God blessed Leslie AKA Yunng Royalty to share with the world...

"Call Him"

Song by Leslie

"My God is Perfect"

Song by Leslie featuring Krishna

"I'm Changed"

Leslie AKA Yuung Royalty