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"Spiritual Life Coaching"

"A Gift for A Gift"

The Game

Game Day/Test Day is a book authored by Toi that will help you see the lessons in your life that teach you. Your game whatever it may be is governed by specific guidelines. We will talk about the sport that gives you the drive and the energy to move forward in life.

Toi Allen can teach you through her God given gifts of lecturing, teaching or simply by coaching you through a one on one lesson that will be designed to help you grow into the individual you are destined to be.

Call and set up your coaching session....NOW!!!

Toi's book Game Day/Test Day can be ordered on the contact us section of this website.

You'll get a FREE copy of the book with YOUR coaching session.

"Who's keeping Score"?.....You are :-)

417-403-2264 -phone               [email protected]- email

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No Limits

Game Day/Test Day "Who's Keeping Score" 2Christian Allen