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Its a Spiritual War....

Posted on September 10, 2012 at 11:39 AM
This morning as I was going through some of my writings. I noticed something that I had wrote on 2/2/12... This spoke very loudly to me.  Here's what I wrote:
8:30 a.m.
Woke up this morning and heard the Lord speak to me through a message of Jesse Duplantis. Jesse was sharing a tesitimony of his regarding the fact that he had to stand. Jesse was in a restaurant with an African American friend in a town that was prejudice and they didn't serve black people. Jesse demanded that he got served. Jeses said he saw himself shifting into the flesh but he heard the holy spirit tell him to ask in Jesus name for the service. After Jesses obeyed the Lord and Asked in the Name of Jesus they served them but it almost turned into a natural fight until Jesse responded to the direction that the Holy Spirit had given. Ask In Jesus Name.... I heard the Lord say to be careful because that is all the enemy wants is for us to shift out of order and to get out of the spirit and into the flesh and try to fight this spitirual war ourselves...."The battle is not ours its the Lords..." I Samuel 18.47 (King James Version)
So my encouragement for us today is to let The Sovereign God lead us today and everyday...We can trust that the Lord orders the steps of a good man or woman: and he delighteth in his way...Psalms 37:23.....Let him lead you.....We all will be delighted in the way......Lets Find our Place of Peace and put a smile in our hearts and on our faces.....Remember Its a CHOICE....Who are you letting lead you TODAY?     

Categories: Finding our Place of Peace

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