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"The Marketplace"

Posted on February 17, 2015 at 12:17 PM Comments comments (53)

Today I am minding my own business doing a homework assignment. I have shared this thought with many of my family, friends and associates that though is.... the Holy Spirit Speaks to me through my homework assignments and on today God took me to this scripture  Mark 3.35 " For whosoever shall do the will of God, the same is my brother, and my sister, and mother"....The Market place is a gathering of people for buying and selling of things. its an open SPACE...It is important for us to PRAY for the HEADS of those who are connected to the "Market Place" for this place has an effect on the flow of the finance. My assignment  asked me to read this book.... "The (Mis) Behavior of Markets" by Benoit Madelbrot. After I read an article that gave a brief overview of the book The Holy Spirit showed me where the misbehavior begins. It's connected to the heads of the Market Place those who are actually not doing the will of  The Sovereign God. This is where it becomes a MIS in the market place behavior. The marketplace will flow accordingly if the Heads are following GOD's Will for his people. It's simple for those who LOVE the Lord. and are called according to his PURPOSE ...The Wisdom of God  will provide the HEADS with everything needed to OFFER a flow of  the finances for all markets to give to the people of God what they need. So our PRAYER ASSIGNMENT is to lift up the name of the Lord Jesus Christ so that the Holy Spirit "The Sovereign God" will DRAW all men unto him. John 12:32.... and then we will walk in the the LIGHT. So All those who BELIEVE .... will not ABIDE in darkness......Focus on the whosoever will do the will of God for they are your mother, your sister and your brother...   

Are you trying to figure out the Plans for your Life?.....

Posted on September 13, 2012 at 12:18 PM Comments comments (3)
This morning as I read through some of the bible studies I enjoy each day; I was encouraged by todays study by "Girlfriends in God". The TRUTH they spoke about today  was in  Jeremiah 1.5 " Before I made you in your mother's womb, I choose you"  This SPOKE To me soooo Loudly..... I have always said that I was never one to say when I grow up I want to be...I truly never wanted to be anything other than what God would have me to be...I shared this statement with friends and associates often. But as I got a little older I began seeing that some of the things that I like to do are actually the things that God had planned for my life....I say this because as I look back on my journey...I actually began doing things that became my vocation that I never said oh I want to be a Real Estate Broker and just a few years ago in a conversation with my dad I found out that my mom actually worked in a real estate office...HMMMMM...I never knew that.....But God did....It is so interesting how we end up doing things that we see others doing or can we say that we are actually walking out the Plans that God has for our lives.....I have read Jeremiah 29:11 so many times this scripture truly blesses me..... but one day as I was in what I call a session with a dear friend....This scripture was dropped in my spirit and a few  words in this scripture jumped out.....These words were "For I know the thoughts I THINK TOWARDS YOU, saith the Lord......I said on my God....I could clearly see and hear what God was saying to me......that I needed to line up with GODS THOUGHTS.....Because God Knew Before I was even in my MOMS womb the plans he had for my LIFE....Jeremiah 1.5....I didn't know that all my life all I wanted to do was to LINE UP with GODS THOUGHTS......I was just truly speaking what I felt.....I was the one who would go around the room at christmas time and ask the Question...."What is the true meaning of Christmas"....When I got older and my mom or others would ask me what do you want for response would always be PEACE.....I just want some Peace....You know that answer was given so much that one year every Christmans card I received had a message regarding PEACE....God truly answers prayers....Matthew 7.7 "Ask ye shall recieve" I thank God that he blessed me with..... PEACE.... And I will tell you I am One who will STAND and fight for my PEACE....I have resolved to let nothing come into my presence that will try to SHIFT me out of my Place of PEACE....Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of PEACE, and not of evil, to give you an expected end...."  I want to ENCOURAGE US ALL to STAND and STAY in Our PLACES of PEACE.....Let's talk next time about THE EXPECTED END......God said he is thinking thoughts that will give us an EXPECTED END...I Want the EXPECTED END GOD wants for me......      

Its a Spiritual War....

Posted on September 10, 2012 at 11:39 AM Comments comments (0)
This morning as I was going through some of my writings. I noticed something that I had wrote on 2/2/12... This spoke very loudly to me.  Here's what I wrote:
8:30 a.m.
Woke up this morning and heard the Lord speak to me through a message of Jesse Duplantis. Jesse was sharing a tesitimony of his regarding the fact that he had to stand. Jesse was in a restaurant with an African American friend in a town that was prejudice and they didn't serve black people. Jesse demanded that he got served. Jeses said he saw himself shifting into the flesh but he heard the holy spirit tell him to ask in Jesus name for the service. After Jesses obeyed the Lord and Asked in the Name of Jesus they served them but it almost turned into a natural fight until Jesse responded to the direction that the Holy Spirit had given. Ask In Jesus Name.... I heard the Lord say to be careful because that is all the enemy wants is for us to shift out of order and to get out of the spirit and into the flesh and try to fight this spitirual war ourselves...."The battle is not ours its the Lords..." I Samuel 18.47 (King James Version)
So my encouragement for us today is to let The Sovereign God lead us today and everyday...We can trust that the Lord orders the steps of a good man or woman: and he delighteth in his way...Psalms 37:23.....Let him lead you.....We all will be delighted in the way......Lets Find our Place of Peace and put a smile in our hearts and on our faces.....Remember Its a CHOICE....Who are you letting lead you TODAY?